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Phase II ARPA Project Investment

American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA)
Phase II Project Investment

The City of Lynn has identified several areas in which it proposes to spend almost $22 million in the second phase of funding obtained from the federal government through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA).

Phase II Recommended Project Cost Breakdown

The City of Lynn is recommending the following projects listed below receive ARPA investment in November 2022.

Category Total Percentage
Housing $10,675,000 48.78%
Infrastructure (Water/Roadway Improvements) $3,900,000 17.82%
Public Health $3,000,000 13.71%
Food Security $1,294,466 5.92%
Nonprofit $1,387,990 6.34%
Workforce Development $703,304 3.21%
City $922,930 4.22%
TOTAL $21,883,690 100%

Phase II Projects Awarded ARPA Funding


A New Emergency Shelter for the Adult Homeless of Greater Lynn – $250,000.00
    • The Lynn Shelter Association has undertaken a significant capital project to develop a new adult emergency shelter to replace the existing one which no longer serves its current use, has capital improvement needs and a recently expired lease. A new shelter will also have 40 beds as well as improved use of space, offices, separate dorms, a courtyard, commercial kitchen and space for programming.
City of Lynn Eviction Prevention Project – $400,000.00
    • The demand for assistance with eviction prevention and other housing-related matters is unceasing. This project will expand the number of clients served by providing free legal aid, enabling residents to secure their current housing, be educated on their tenant rights which minimizes their housing insecurity thereby allowing them to focus on their other basic needs
RAFT Supplemental Funds (Part 2) – $500,000.00
    • ARPA funding will be used to supplement existing Residential Assistance for Families in Transition (RAFT) funds for Lynn households in need of rent, utility, and mortgage assistance.
Wall Plaza Kitchen, Bath, and Floor Renovation and Asbestos Remediation – $500,000.00
    • Lynn Housing Authority (LHAND), through the Department of Housing And Urban Development, intends to renovate the kitchens, bathrooms, and flooring of units in two elderly and non-elderly disabled Federal public housing buildings to improve conditions for the residents and ensure the long-term viability of the development. The two buildings, built in 1967, are located in the M. Henry Wall Plaza Development located at 18 Bond Street and 95 Tremont Street.
Lynn Housing Authority State Housing Capital Improvements – $500,000.00
    • Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development (LHAND) intends to make capital improvements to its state housing units to ensure quick turnover and needed repairs such as replacement of flooring and fixtures, appliances, and building systems. These units serve LHAND’s elderly, non-elderly disabled, and family populations. Units are scattered throughout the city and include large developments such as Meadow Court, Caggiano Plaza, Essex & Tilton, Olive Street, Woodman Street, and family unit locations.
Lynn Armory Apartments – $1,000,000.00
    • The Neighborhood Development Associates (NDA) seeks to renovate the historic armory to create 43 units of mixed income veterans’ housing. The Lynn Armory Apartments will create 43 new units; 1 studio, 32 one bedrooms and 10 two bedrooms. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated the need for long-term affordable housing security for this vulnerable population of Lynn residents that this project will satisfy.
500 Lynnfield Street Redevelopment – $1,000,000.00
    • 2Life Communities’ 500 Lynnfield Street Redevelopment project will support aging in the community by building 150 new apartments of service-enriched affordable housing for seniors. All of the passive house building units will include extensive program spaces for residents and will maximize outdoor space on the site of the former Union Hospital. The project abuts the North Shore’s Mass General Brigham Medical Center, and will be connected to a new Program for All Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) Center that will be operated by Element Care.
The Hennessey House – $1,000,000.00
    • These funds will be for the rehabilitation of The Hennessey House located at 48-52 Andrew Street  which will convert the current single room occupancy (SRO) units into 51 efficiency studios with kitchen and bathroom in each the majority of which will be highly affordable. This project will create a safe living environment for our most vulnerable population located close to transportation and other related services.
Neighborhood Rehabilitation & Repair Program – $1,000,000.00
    • Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development Associates will use ARPA funds to create a program that will provide funds to owner-occupied and small-scale landlords to assist in remediating and preventing health and safety hazards and substandard living conditions in buildings occupied by working class or lower income tenants. The program will make grants and forgivable low-interest loans to address on-going or potential health hazards and noncompliance with state sanitary codes.
Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program – $1,500,000.00
    • This funding will support LHAND’s current Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program to stabilize housing for low-income families in the city of Lynn. This program, as part of the agency’s Housing First initiative, is meant to assist qualified low-income Lynn families that are at risk of displacement or are currently homeless. Other populations include unaccompanied high school youth; elders, grandparents acting as parents; fleeing or attempting to flee domestic violence; dating violence; sexual assault, stalking or human trafficking, families that are wholly or partially excluded from federally support housing or vouchers, as well as families that do not have the income to support a rental payment.
Seed Funding – $3,000,000.00
    • Affordable Housing Trust Fund money will support housing for households whose incomes are not more than 110% of area median income. Funds are available for rental, home ownership and mixed-use projects as well as housing for the disabled and homeless, but may be applied only to the affordable units.
Winter Shelter for People Experiencing Homelessness – $25,000.00
    • ARPA funding is sought to address the needs of unhoused folks during the winter months and create isolation spaces. This funding will directly aid collaborative efforts to address temporary winter shelter for people experiencing homelessness in Lynn.

(Water & Roadway Improvements)

LWSC Water System Improvements: Various Streets – $3,900,000.00
    • Funding was requested to upgrade and install water mains that are undersized or new mains to supplement water supply in various areas of the City.

Public Health

Lynn Community Health Center Expansion –$3,000,000
    • ARPA funds were proposed to support Phase I of the Lynn Community Health Center Expansion, which will increase and enhance services for the community of Lynn and our target populations, enabling increased urgent care, medical, behavioral health, dental, and substance use disorder services. Increased access to these urgently needed health care services will result in improved health outcomes in the community, which is particularly critical for individuals that have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic or remain at high risk.

Food Security

Lynn Local Food Systems – Build-a-Garden and Farmers Markets – $198,955.75
    • The Food Project is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create a thoughtful and productive community of youth and adults from diverse backgrounds who work together to build a sustainable food system. The proposed project would continue to build a robust, equitable and resilient local food system in the city of Lynn through two community programs: Build-a-Garden and Lynn Farmers Markets.
Promoting Healthy Living, Green Spaces and Building Social Capital – $350,000.00
    • The Latino Support Network Inc. proposed using ARPA funds to create vibrant green spaces for the greater Lynn community both on Cook Street and at the Senior Center. The initiative will promote access to quality food and support the creation of educational programs that encourage healthy living and eating.
New Lynn Food Aid Expansion – $365,700.00
    • The New Lynn Coalition strives to build upon its almost three years of work delivering free and fresh groceries to homes which are either economically disadvantaged, possess identification barriers, are food insecure, have contracted Covid (to reduce spreading), and/or do not have access to reliable sources of food aid. Funding will enable the Coalition to acquire vehicles and technology that will increase capacity and provide access to food sources previously inaccessible.
Phoenix Food Hub: Expand the Infrastructure – $379,810.00
    • This request focuses on expanding the infrastructure within Greater Lynn Senior Services & Phoenix so that the Phoenix Food Hub can better accommodate and support the changing needs within the community. These funds will be used for the design and formalization of the Hub partnership including governance structure and role of the Lynn Food Security Task Force Advisory Committee in oversight; as well as development and policies, staffing, facility redesign, nutrition screening, to accomplish reduction in food insecurity by offering a range of nutrition resources.


CLDA Dance Program – $15,000.00
    • The mission of the Cultura Latina Dance Academy Incorporated is to enhance, share, and connect our cultures and community through dance. Students also learn about leadership, self-esteem, discipline, and teamwork. ARPA funds will be used to provide performing arts and professional dance to those who cannot afford them, and arts and education to Lynn residents.
The CMCC Program Revitalization and Facility Rejuvenation Project – $160,000.00
    • This revitalization project will happen in two phases. First, repairs would be made to the 298 Union Street Facility, last renovated in 1994, to bring it into compliance with ADA handicap accessibility standards. The second phase of the project will revitalize CMCC events and programs that were suspended or canceled due to the COVID 19 pandemic such as ESL classes, computer training, and voter registration/education programs.
REAL Facility Capital Improvements – $35,000.00
    • The REAL program requested ARPA funds in order to make capital improvements to its leased space on the first floor in order to meet safety and security requirements for its preschool, ESL, and before school programs. These capital improvements involve removing and replacing windows, the back door, and updating the kitchen space.
Community Clothes and Diaper Closet – $50,000.00
    • ARPA funds are being proposed to procure supplies for community clothes and a diaper closet at Centerboard’s Lynn Family Resource Center.
Improving Immigrant Access to Care – $30,000.00
    • With the help of the Rapid Response Network, the Lynn Community Health Center has begun providing training of staff and providers to support their work with immigrant patients. This project will adapt and expand the training series for immigrant-serving agencies to build confidence in educating and empowering immigrants on their rights and appropriately connect immigrants with support to address their social determinants of health. The initiative will also include creating and promoting culturally appropriate educational materials and resource brokerage support for the community and improve immigrant access to community resources.
Van for Outreach and Community Engagement – $59,240.00
    • Raw Art Works requested ARPA funding to purchase a new van to replace and complement our aging one, and to enhance outreach and community engagement efforts through a variety of our programs. The van will enable Raw Art Works to expand program initiatives and sustain existing offerings.
Rowing & Watersports Program Expansion – $50,000.00
    • ARPA funds will be used to support the expansion of North Shore Maritime Center’s Rowing & Watersports program. Funding will cover expenses directly associated with the expansion of this program to reach new individuals from Lynn, especially through youth focused- partnerships. These funds will be leveraged against other sources that will enable NSMC to add staff to support this expansion and make the program free or low cost and accessible to those who might not otherwise have an opportunity to participate.
Latina Mothers English Language Project – $76,000.00
    • The program’s goal is to provide a permanent structure to a successful program teaching English language skills to young mothers. The Latina Center MARIA will formalize work begun several years ago to teach young immigrant mothers English language skills. In the first year of executing this project, the program will graduate 160 parents who will be better prepared to interact with their children’s teachers. ARPA funding is being proposed to provide program stabilization and time to find a permanent location and long-term funding.
Lynn Arts Music and Media Center – $100,000.00
    • The Lynn Arts, Music & Media Center is a creative community hub for artists from Lynn to collaborate under a single roof. This project will cover costs to renovate space at the Black Box Theater to maximize for artists usage. This proposal serves low income artists in Lynn who cannot afford a place to rehearse, record music and collaborate with others.
LYSOA Drop-In Center for High-Risk Youth Post-COVID Renewal – $92,000.00
    • LYSOA Inc. has proposed using ARPA funds for operational expenses that are needed to address a major decrease in usage of the LYSOA Drop-In Center during the COVID pandemic. In March 2020, the drop-in center closed. LYSOA’s Drop-In Center is the only program in Lynn that provides a safe educational and recreational space for the highest risk youth in Lynn. This safe location for social and community support continues to be needed to serve Lynn’s high-risk youth.
Purchase of a Student Passenger Van – $70,750.00
    • LEAP FOR EDUCATION has proposed using ARPA funds to purchase a 15-passenger van to transport students on field trips, college campus and special events as well as those attending after school programs at the Thurgood Marshall Middle School and Lynn English High School. The project would close the gap for economically disadvantaged youth for whom transportation costs are a barrier to accessing free programs that enhance their educational experience.
Building Back Building Bridges Through Music – $100,000.00
    • Building Bridges Through Music Inc. (BBTM) requested funding to support a project that addresses the negative economic impacts caused by the public health emergency and assists members of the community that were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic. ARPA funding will directly address pandemic impacts such as learning loss and emotional and mental health issues affecting low-income children in Lynn, as well as a decrease in enrollment in the program that resulted from the pandemic thereby impacting the financial well-being of BBTM, which is a non-profit organization.
Lynn Museum/LynnArts Infrastructure and Renovation Project – $500,000.00
    • The Lynn Historical Society, Inc. (DBA Lynn Museum/LynnArts) proposed using ARPA funding to improve physical spaces in both the Lynn Museum and LynnArts buildings, to improve the quality of experience for the overall community and day-to-day operations for staff, visitors, and practicing artists. This will enable the space to be more functional for artists who rent space, to hold community programs and events and ensure the building’s success into the future.
Newcomer Donation Storage Facilities – $50,000.00
    • ARPA funding is sought to provide storage facilities that could house more donations for newcomers and provide Lynn’s immigrant and refugee families a place to access donations given to NAAM on a continuous basis. This will allow NAAM to receive more donations and not have to turn away anything due to lack of space.

Workforce Development

Union Trade Aptitude Test Prep – $10,999.00
    • These funds will provide individuals with application assistance, aptitude test preparation, and interview preparation for various trade apprentice programs (Local IBEW103/ Electrical/Telecommunications, Local 12 Plumbers, Local 4 Operating Engineers, Local 537 Sprinkler Fitters). The program is designed to position Lynn residents for the opportunity to enter in a life changing career.
EforAll – Eparatodos Lynn Virtual Business Accelerator Program – $14,000.00
    • This program will provide critical business training and mentoring to early-stage entrepreneurs, particularly people that have lost their jobs during the pandemic and turned to entrepreneurship to provide for their families. EforAll/Eparatodos will expand participation in its Business Accelerators program in 2023-2024, in English and in Spanish. Lynn ARPA funds will provide the technology (laptops) needed to attend and fully benefit from the content in the virtual classes and mentor meetings during the year-long program to help participants launch their businesses.
College & Career Readiness Program Expansion – $25,800.00
    • Girls Inc. of Lynn is seeking to expand their current College and Career Readiness program to support teen girls as they matriculate to and complete college and through their first career positions. This expansion will provide meaningful support, mentoring, and resources to Girls Inc. program members by equipping them with the skills and networks necessary to overcome the academic and workforce challenges that have either been created or exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic.
Equipment and Projects to support Adult Education & Workforce Development – $270,000.00
    • ARPA funds would be used to provide equipment, materials and training to support the Pathways Adult Education & Training, Inc Adult Education and Workforce Development programing. This program supports 400 students annually.
Lynn Community Enrichment Program – $102,000.00
    • ARPA funding has been requested to increase class offerings, student enrollment and data tracking for the Lynn Community Enrichment Program. The goal of this project proposal would be to double enrollment in an increased number of offered classes by Winter 2024, increase to 2.5 the current enrollment by Winter 2025, and triple participation by Winter 2026.
Behavioral Health Intervention Services for Young People Driving Community Violence in Lynn – $280,505.00
    • The requested ARPA funds would support one-time capital equipment costs required to support a year-round Transitional Employment Program (TEP) crew based at Roca Lynn, as well as TEP participant wages and annual salary of a TEP Crew Supervisor. The capital equipment includes pick-up trucks needed to transport crews safely in winter to jobs with caps to cover gas and supplies; uniforms and equipment; and furniture and equipment for a new playroom for the Young Mothers program at the Roca Lynn building.


Council Chamber and Union St / Infrastructure – $80,744.00
    • The system that runs Government and Access channels, allows meetings to go live and to stream, and feeds is nearing the end of its useful life. ARPA funding was proposed to upgrade the Council Chamber A/V and Accessibility and Cable Channel & Online infrastructure.
Lynn Fire Department Pumpers – $129,166.44
    • These funds will pay for the increased cost of pumper trucks used by the Lynn Fire Department in order to ensure and enhance fundamental capability to fight fires effectively.
DPW FY 2022 Equipment Purchase Supplement – $67,132.00
    • ARPA funding was proposed to purchase equipment for the Department of Public Works.

Transportation On-Call Consulting Services – $300,000.00
    • The City of Lynn Planning Department sought ARPA funding for on-call transportation engineering and planning consulting services. Consulting services are sought to effectively position the City to benefit from the unprecedented investment in infrastructure made by the Federal Government with the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) by using consulting services to apply for grants, develop project concepts and detailed engineering services.

Compact Trash Truck for Parks – $145,888.00
    • ARPA funding was requested to purchase a compact trash truck for servicing city parks.

Improvements at Various City Parks – $200,000.00
    • The requested ARPA funds will allow for improvements to various parks, including Marian Gardens, Goldfish Pond, Gowdy Park, and the Parkland Avenue dog park.

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