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City Recommended Projects

City Recommended Project Details

The City of Lynn approved the following projects listed below receive ARPA investment in July 2022 

All of the projects included in this recommendation have been submitted by city departments, non-profits and outside agencies, and community members; and were determined to be the most viable to be recommended to the City Council for approval during the first round of project selection scheduled for mid-July.

Recommended Project Cost Breakdown

The total amount of ARPA funding requested for the July package of projects recommended by the City is approximately $35.1 million.

Early Childhood$3,000,0008.54%
Public Safety$1,501,0004.27%
Public Health$263,0480.75%
Economic Development
Workforce Development$20,0000.06%


Parks (i.e., Barry Park, Bowser Complex, Kiley, Keaney, Lynn Woods, Gallagher and McManus)
    • These funds will be used for park renovations to major parks throughout the city, split roughly even between east and west Lynn.
    • Project cost estimate: $16,300,000

Lynn Harbor Park – Phase 1 Implementation
    • These funds will go towards the first phase elements of Harbor Park, including parking and public accessibility to the area.
    • Project cost estimate: $1,500,000

Bigbelly Trash Cans (60)
    • These funds will pay for the installation of Bigbelly trash cans around the city in order to help address litter issues.
    • Project cost estimate: $298,155

Park Conditions Assessment
    • These funds will begin an assessment process that allows the City to understand the full condition of all its parks in a systematic and data-based method.
    • Project cost estimate: $100,000

Capital Expenses
    • These funds will pay for a large portion of up-front capital expenses such as kayaks, paddleboards, paddles, personal flotation devices carts, racks, art equipment (storage container).
    • Project cost estimate: $22,500

Water & Roads

Water System Improvements: Broadway-Lynnfield Street
    • These funds will improve the water flows through Broadway and parts of Lynnfield Street, allowing for improved water service to the area and increased safety in the event of fire.
    • Project cost estimate: $2,600,000

Streets and Sidewalks
    • These funds will go directly into Street and Sidewalk capital improvements to the City of Lynn.
    • Project cost estimate: $1,500,000

Heavy Equipment (i.e., snow, parks and roads)
    • These funds will broaden the fleet of heavy vehicles available to DPW in order to ensure capacity and quality of service to the residents of Lynn.
    • Project cost estimate: $1,325,000


Inclusionary Zoning Study
    • These funds will contribute towards a study for the purpose of understanding the implementation of Inclusionary Zoning in the specific context of the City of Lynn.
    • Project cost estimate: $60,000

Hennessy House
    • The Hennessey House, an Affordable Associates of Lynn, Inc. rehabilitation project at 48-52 Andrew Street will be converting current single room occupancy (SRO) units into 51 efficiency studios with kitchen and bathroom in each. This project will create a safe living environment for our most vulnerable population. 
    • Project cost estimate: $2,000,000

Essex and Tilton Development Plan
    • These funds will be used to flesh out and craft a development plan which would pull together the state and federal resources to update the site through a conversion based on the site’s obsolescence. This would include feasibility, a site plan, and concrete steps including a timeline to update and double the amount of housing on the property.
    • Project cost estimate: $100,000

Wall Plaza Improvements
    • These funds will be to renovate kitchen and baths at the Wall Plaza Development; as well as asbestos remediation in the residential units and the more funding the more units can be reached.
    • Project cost estimate: $400,000

Rental Assistance
    • These funds will go towards supporting ongoing rental assistance efforts in the City of Lynn, primarily through rent arrears, rent stipends, utility assistance, move-in costs, and other moving or housing related expenses.
    • Project cost estimate: $1,500,000

Catalyst Housing
  • These funds will be to serve extremely low-income young adults 18-24, up to 30% area median income (AMI) who lack access to secure housing, and it will consist of a total of 24 small studio apartments, and offer permanent supportive housing to eligible individuals.
  • Project cost estimate: $900,000


Early Childhood

LEO Capital Improvements
    • These funds will go towards a capital campaign goal of $15 million to fully renovate the mixed-use building at 156 Broad Street and dedicate the entire property to a preschool education center for low-income children.
    • Project cost estimate: $3,000,000

Public Safety

Police Translation Services
    • These funds will be used to obtain software that will allow LPD to communicate with residents who speak various languages, and improve understanding between both parties.
    • Project cost estimate: $10,000

Portable Firefighting Manual Hose Reel
    • The Lynn Fire Department needs more capacity to fight fires in Lynn Woods. Lynn Woods is generally inaccessible to fire trucks. The new equipment will allow LFD to fight fires anywhere they occur in Lynn Woods. 
    • Project cost estimate: $10,000

Police Range Target System
    • These funds will renovate the range target system used by LPD, aimed to refine Police weapons training to include the latest modernizations to public response.
    • Project cost estimate: $144,000

VirTra Training System
    • These funds will be used to bring Virtual scenario training to LPD, targeted towards public police response tactics, de-escalation, and situational awareness.
    • Project cost estimate: $77,000

Pumpers (2)
    • These funds will pay for Pumpers used by the Lynn Fire Department in order to ensure and enhance fundamental capability to fight fires effectively.
    • Project cost estimate: $1,260,000


Assessing CAMA Upgrade
    • These funds will upgrade the City’s Property Assessment software, allowing for modernized compatibility with new technologies.
    • Project cost estimate: $45,000

GAR Hall and Museum Capital Improvements (e.g., elevator and facade)
    • These funds will begin the process of initiating long over-due rennovations to the Grand Army of the Republic building, and bring the building into ADA compliance through installation of an elevator.
    • Project cost estimate: $1,200,000

City of Lynn Website Redesign
    • These funds will be allocated for the overhaul and reconstruction of the City of Lynn’s website in order to achieve a more modern and service-oriented site.
    • Project cost estimate: $200,000

Outreach Festival
    • These funds will be for a Community Engagement Event in the late summer or early fall 2022 to connect Lynn residents to City resources and to help City staff gather feedback from the public on key initiatives.
    • Project cost estimate: $15,000

Public Health

Van Bus – Senior Center
    • These funds will purchase a large capacity transportation vehicle for the benefit of Seniors.
    • Project cost estimate: $75,000

Vaccination Temperature Protection
    • These funds will pay for a Vaccination Temperature Protected case that allows greater flexibility for the Public Health Department to deliver vaccinations.
    • Project cost estimate: $3,048

Health Division Accreditation
    • These funds will start the process of attaining national accreditation for the Lynn Public Health Department, increasing quality of service for all residents.
    • Project cost estimate: $115,000

Health Equipment Van
    • These funds will purchase a temperature controlled vehicle to allow the Public Health Department to safely transport sensitive medicinal goods in a secure manner.
    • Project cost estimate: $70,000

Economic Development

Downtown Wayfinding
    • These funds will aim to identify opportunities to boost visitor engagement, sense of place, and information sharing in the Cultural District using tools such as banners celebrating Lynn history, arts and culture, dining options, etc.
    • Project cost estimate: $20,000

Welcome to Lynn Planting Initiative
    • These funds will enhance safety, accessibility, comfort, and overall experience for visitors to downtown improving the City’s profile as a destination for shopping and recreation and encouraging a stable user base for downtown businesses not constrained by parking conditions, traffic, or auto availability.
    • Project cost estimate: $16,100

Active Transportation and Transit Support
    • These funds will enhance safety, accessibility, comfort, and overall experience for visitors to downtown, improving the City’s profile as a destination for shopping and recreation and encouraging a stable user base for downtown businesses not constrained by parking conditions, traffic, or auto availability.
    • Project cost estimate: $26,200

Murals and Community Initiatives
    • These funds will be for the installation of large-scale murals creating an increase in foot traffic between residents and visitors in the city, which gives local businesses an influx of customers.
    • Project cost estimate: $100,000


Building Audacity On The Grow
    • These funds will be for training youth 16-22 to grow and distribute hydroponically grown produce and operate an indoor garden in Partnership with Tufts University.
    • Project cost estimate: $100,000

Revenue Replacement
    • These funds would go toward the Fall 2022 productions, Spring 2023 productions, and the Summer Youth program in 2023.
    • Project cost estimate: $10,000

Workforce Development

Workforce Development Strategic Plan
    • These funds will go towards the creation of an overall Workforce Development Plan for the city of Lynn, targeted towards getting residents to fulfill the job needs of our region.
    • Project cost estimate: $20,000

Recap of the ARPA Project Selection Process

Since the onset of the community engagement process for ARPA spending and project selection, the City has been working to gather input through traditional grassroots means and a multi-faceted online approach. Outreach efforts included connecting with community stakeholders, canvassing neighborhoods, distributing press releases, email blasts, social media posts, and setting up in-person and virtual community meetings in each Ward. 

In early February, a community survey was developed and distributed to help the City of Lynn develop a transparent, strategic, and equitable plan for federal ARPA funding. The survey was designed for the purpose of understanding the impact of the pandemic on city residents and to gather a sense of community stakeholders’ priorities for COVID-19 response and recovery efforts. During the month of May, the public was invited to attend several workshops for an opportunity to collaborate with staff to help submit their project suggestions and proposals. 

Outreach activities for the first quarter included: 

✔️ Targeted Outreach to 509 Community Organization Contacts
✔️ 2,446+ Email Communications
✔️ 200+ Telephone Calls
✔️ 14 Community Forums
✔️ 1,650+ Survey Responses

The survey was available online from February 8, 2022 through March 31, 2022 and reached roughly 1,653 respondents. Of the 1,653 survey participants, 1,259 prioritized infrastructure improvements with 39% survey participants citing roadway & sidewalk improvements as a top priority for ARPA funding investments. 

✔️ 3 Project Submittal Workshop Events

Six, 3-hour sessions with translation services were open to the community for a chance to work with staff to propose their ideas in May.

✔️ 24 Individual ARPA Project Assistance Sessions
✔️ ARPA Project Selection Survey postcard sent to 35,400 residences throughout the City​
✔️223 Project Selection Surveys Returned

Outreach Takeaways

Feedback from the City’s community outreach highlighted particular needs to address parks and green space, the cost of housing, improvements to roadways and sidewalks, and litter. The City’s recommendations are in line with those priorities, taking into account priorities from the City’s ARPA Scoring Matrix such as the implementation timeline and project sustainability (i.e., the reality that the finding is a one-time revenue source). 


April 25, 2022

Launch of the phase I ARPA Project proposal and suggestions. 
Announcement (PDF)

April 26, 2022

Presentation of the Lynn ARPA survey results to the City Council. 
Presentation of the Survey Results (PDF)

May 2022

Phase I project submittal workshops. 
Project Submittal Workshop Announcement (PDF)

The City is reviewing community suggestions which may be integrated into other projects that will receive ARPA funding in July.
Community Suggestions for ARPA Investment

May 31, 2022

Closure of phase I project submittal requests

June 20, 2022

Launch of project selection survey.

June 28, 2022

Overview of the Project Selection | City Hall

June 30, 2022

Closure of the Project Selection Survey

July 12, 2022

Phase I presentation to the City Council and vote

Late Summer/Early Fall 

Project implementation  

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