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All Phase 1 Project Submittals

Phase 1 ARPA Project Submissions

The public is encouraged to review project submissions sent by city departments, non-profits and outside agencies. The City received many suggestions from community members, not all of which are listed in the table below. These suggestions and input were collected, reviewed and in some cases integrated into other projects that will receive ARPA funding this round. Please keep in mind projects not selected in this first round may be selected in a future project selection process in the fall of 2022.





Active Transportation and Transit SupportLynn Main Streets$26,200 These funds will enhance safety, accessibility, comfort, and overall experience for visitors to downtown improving the city’s profile as a destination for shopping and recreation and encouraging a stable user base for downtown businesses not constrained by parking conditions, traffic, or auto availability.
Affordable Housing ProjectAmerican Refugee Council$1,700,000 These funds would ensure the addition of 3-quality affordable rental units to a market and submarket where such housing opportunities are declining. This will provide a feasible example of affordable housing development, which will create a synergy for the development of similar projects in the area.
Aspire Consultation Team StaffingAspire Development Services$312,854 These funds will be for a new program to establish a community-based consultation team to provide Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) screening and support services for children (birth to age 5) who have been identified as being potentially at risk through health care providers, childcare centers or parents.
Assessing CAMA upgradeAssessors$45,000 These funds will upgrade the City’s Property Assessment software, allowing for modernized compatibility with new technologies.
Barry Park Phase I Supplemental FundingCommunity & Economic Development$830,000 The City of Lynn Community and Economic Development Department was awarded $400,000 through the Commonwealth’s PARC Grant Program in 2021 to fund the installation of a splash pad and multi-use court. The grant proposal also included upgrades to accessible walkways, seating and hardware including trash receptacles and bollards. The City of Lynn Community and Economic Development Department contributed a match of $180,000 in CBDG resources. As a result of our current economic situation and supply chain complications because of COVID-19, the estimated cost of phase one has increased and caused in a funding shortfall. Therefore, The City of Lynn Community and Economic Development Department seeks funds to complete this segment of signature improvements to Barry Park.
Behavioral Health Intervention ServicesRoca$616,588 These funds will be used to provide young men and women of color (16-24) access to a CBT-centered transitional employment program and subsidized employment opportunities, Roca will increase their access to a proven behavioral and mental health intervention and a path to economic mobility and employment.
Bigbelly Trash Cans (60)City$298,155 These funds will pay for the installation of Bigbelly trash cans around the city in order to help address litter issues.
Building Audacity On The GrowBuilding Audacity$225,000 These funds will be for training youth 16-22 to grow and distribute hydroponically grown produce and operate an indoor garden in Partnership with Tufts University.
Build-a-Garden and Farmers Markets – Lynn Local Food SystemsThe Food Project$379,227 The proposed project would continue to build a robust, equitable and resilient local food system
in the city of Lynn through two community programs: Build-a-Garden & Lynn Farmers Market.
Capacity BuildingFamily and Children’s Services$200,000 These funds will be for staffing of programs in advance of a complete reopening and an increase to staff salaries.
Capital ExpensesLynn Kayak & Sail$22,500 These funds will pay for a large portion of up-front capital expenses such as kayaks, paddleboards, paddles, personal flotation devices carts, racks, art equipment (for our storage container).
Catalyst HousingThe Haven Project$900,000 These funds will be to serve extremely low-income young adults 18-24, up to 30% area median income (AMI) who lack access to secure housing, and it will consist of a total of 24 small studio apartments, and offer permanent supportive housing to eligible individuals.
CHA Implementation ProjectPublic Health$20,000 Based on the community health assessment guidelines , this project aims to give support to public health initiatives through strengthening civic and community engagement. Outreach efforts will create partnerships between the community and providers through public events based on needs assessment, such as, mental health, healthcare, prevention, and overdose education.
College and Career Ready Program – Lynn EnglishLEAP for Education$600,000 These funds will be to open an after-school program at Lynn English High School to provide free academic support, English Literacy, and college, trade, and career services including a teen center.
Creating Thriving Spaces to Build Social/Human CapitalLatino Support Network$200,000 These funds will be for two community spaces to be a hub for Lynn residents, entrepreneurs/micro-enterprises, small non-profits, cultural, community, and local government agencies and offer educational programs that are in very high demand for ELI-LMI residents in Lynn, including ESOL, Citizenship, Financial Literacy, Digital Equity/Technology Programs, Job and Career Coaching, Financial Coaching and Counseling, First Time Home Buyer Classes (all of these have been offered by LSN).
Downtown WayfindingLynn Main Streets$56,100 These funds will aim to identify opportunities to boost visitor engagement, sense of place, and information sharing in the Cultural District using tools such as banners celebrating Lynn history, arts, and culture, dining options, etc.
Dry Suits for Rescue BoatFire Department$10,000 The Fire Department needs personal protective equipment for our rescue boat. 10 dry suits of various sizes and 8 helmets and 8 personal floatation devices.
Elder Housing Search, Preservation & Stabilization Program (EHSPS)Greater Lynn Senior Services, Inc.$1,130,938 These funds will allow EHSPS to expand on efforts to provide housing search, placement, preservation, and stabilization for some of the most vulnerable populations in the city, the elderly residents of Lynn.
Essex and Tilton Development PlanLHAND$100,000 These funds will be used to flesh out and craft a development plan which would pull together the state and federal resources to update the site through a conversion based on the site’s obsolescence. This would include feasibility, a site plan, and concrete steps including a timeline to update and double the amount of housing on the property.
Fayette Street Fire Station RehabilationFire Department$4,500,000 Complete rehabilitation of the fire station at Fayette Street.
Food for SeniorsElder Services$200,000 Catered congregate meals delivered to the Senior Center for seniors in need. 
GAR Hall and Museum Capital Improvements GAR Trustees$1,200,000 These funds will begin the process of initiating long over-due renovations to the Grand Army of the Republic building, and bring the building into ADA compliance through installation of an elevator.
GLCC – Career/Business IncubatorGLCC$200,000 These funds will be to find a central location to triage community members to support services to advance their businesses and careers.
Goldfish Pond FountainsGoldfish Pond Association$40,000 These funds will be for new water fountains, that are instrumental in adding oxygen to the water, increase overall water health and mitigate potential health hazards.
Health Division AccreditationPublic Health$115,000 These funds will start the process of attaining national accreditation for the Lynn Public Health Department, increasing quality of service for all residents.
Health Equipment VanISD$70,000 These funds will purchase a temperature controlled vehicle to allow the Public Health Department to safely transport sensitive medicinal goods in a secure manner.
Heavy Equipment (i.e., snow, parks and roads) DPW$1,325,000 These funds will broaden the fleet of heavy vehicles available to DPW in order to ensure capacity and quality of service to the residents of Lynn.
Hennessy HouseLHAND$2,000,000 These funds will be for the rehabilitation project at 48-52 Andrew Street that will be converting current single room occupancy (SRO) units into 51 efficiency studios with kitchen and bathroom in each. This project will create a safe living environment for our most vulnerable population.
Inclusionary Zoning StudyMayor/Planning/LHAND$60,000 These funds will contribute towards a study for the purpose of understanding the implementation of Inclusionary Zoning in the specific context of the City of Lynn.
LEO – Capital ImprovementsLEO$3,000,000 These funds will go towards a capital campaign goal of $15 million to fully renovate the mixed-use building at 156 Broad Street and dedicate the entire property to a preschool education center for low-income children.
Lynn Community Enrichment Program ExpansionNew Lynn Coalition$262,080 These funds would allow for the expansion of the Lynn Community Enrichment Program, an evening adult education program. The program currently has 240 students enrolled in 3 sessions offered each year, through the increase in funding this program could serve 720 adults by 2026. This program could greatly assist those in expanding their existing skills or adding a new skill set, and it would help area employers dealing the labor shortages.
Lynn Family Resource Center Community Closet ExpansionCenterboard$30,000 These funds will allow for the Community Closet to address an acute need for more family goods for low-income families, including diapers and clothes.
Lynn Family Resource CenterCenterboard$55,000 These funds will be to increase plans that will allow for families to be provided with clothes and diapers more than once a month and provide more than a few day’s worth of diapers at a time.
Lynn Harbor Park – Phase 1 ImplementationParks$1,500,000 These funds will go towards the first phase elements of Harbor Park, including parking and public accessibility to the area.
Lynn Memorial Auditorium – Upgraded SeatingCommunity & Economic Development$200,000 The Lynn Memorial Auditorium is a 2,087-seat venue in the heart of downtown Lynn. The Auditorium is accessible from public transportation and is a destination venue for residents of Boston’s North Shore and beyond. The Auditorium was built in 1949 and was renovated in 2005-2007. As a result of the renovations now almost twenty years ago, the Auditorium has welcomed mainstream artists, and local acts alike. The requested funds would finance the upgrade of the seats within the Auditorium
Lynn Museum/LynnArts Infrastructure and RenovationLynn Historical Society$800,000 These funds will be used on improving physical spaces, both the Lynn Museum and LynnArts buildings, to improve the quality of experience for the overall community and day-to-day operations for staff, practicing artists, and make it more accessible and ADA friendly.
Lynn Youth Rowing Expansion ProgramNorth Shore Maritime Center$75,000 These funds will be for an expansion of the youth rowing expansion model and aims to engage an unreached population, Lynn public and charter middle and high school students and offer introductory rowing workshops and on-the-water experiences, culminating in the Lynn Indoor Rowing Championship.
Mental Health CounselorsSt. Mary’s HS$750,000 These funds would be to ensure the hiring of mental health clinicians to aid the students.
Murals and Community InitiativesBeyond Walls$500,000 These funds will be for the installation of large-scale murals creating an increase in foot traffic between residents and visitors in the city, which gives local businesses an influx of customers.
New Vehicle for Fire Department Safety OfficerFire Department$50,000 A new response vehicle is needed for the Fire Department Safety Officer.
New Lynn Food ProgramNew Lynn Coalition$3,500,000 These funds will be for a food pantry established at Local 201’s Union Hall will be open at least two days per week for residents to shop for the food they need. There are no pantries in Lynn open weekly during the evening, and so this pantry will have at least one evening open for residents who are unable to access pantries during the day.
Outreach FestivalPlanning$15,000 These funds will be for a Community Engagement Event in the late Summer or early Fall 2022 to connect Lynn residents to City resources and to help City staff gather feedback from the public on key initiatives.
Oxygen Cylinder Lift DeviceFire Department$2,000 The M-type oxygen cylinder on board the city’s ambulance weighs over 100 pounds and is replaced by manually lifting the new cylinder approximately 3 feet off the ground. This increases the risk of injury to the members lifting the cylinder. A lift device greatly reduces lower back injuries.
Pandemic Revenue ReplacementLynn Historical Society$125,000 These funds would not only aid the financial health of LHS during the ongoing pandemic but provide dedicated resources for changing exhibitions, school tour programming, community-centered initiatives, and paid youth internships.
Parks (i.e., Barry Park, Bowser Complex, Kiley, Keaney, Lynn Woods, Gallagher and McManus) DPW/Community Development$16,300,000 These funds will be used for park renovations to major parks throughout the city, split roughly even between east and west Lynn.
Park Conditions AssessmentParks$100,000 These funds will begin an assessment process that allows the City to understand the full condition of all its parks in a systematic and data-based method.
Pathways – Career Training ExpansionPathways$3,997,566 These funds will be for a Career Training Expansion project that would support efforts to find dedicated space and resources to enhance and expand the successful Integrated Education and Training model in particular for ELL learners.
Phoenix Food HubGLSS$1,175,734 These funds will be for the design and formalization of the Hub partnership including governance structure and role of the Lynn Food Security Task Force Advisory Committee in oversight; as well as development and policies, staffing, facility re-design, nutrition screening, etc.
Place-Based Investment/Exchange CorridorLynn Main Streets$139,500 These funds will be to focus on transforming a core block of flagship Lynn businesses between Broad and Union Streets into a cohesive and welcoming gateway that will continue attracting foot traffic to downtown and visitors and investment from around the North Shore and Greater Boston.
Police Department Data AnalystPolice Department$80,000 This position would enable the Police Department to better analyze and understand the data collected through a range of operations so that the LPD could recognized crime trends earlier and adapt response protocols to address emerging problems in a timely manner.  This position would also enable the LPD to evaluate data over a variety of metrics and publish information to the community regarding arrests, use of force, crime patterns and other measures to increase transparency and accountability.
Police Range Target SystemPolice Department$144,000 These funds will be used to renovate the range target system used by LPD, aimed to refine Police weapons training to include the latest modernizations to public response.
Police Translation ServicesPolice Department$10,000 These funds will be used to obtain software that will allow LPD to communicate with residents who speak various languages, and improve understanding between both parties.
Portable Firefighting Manual Hose ReelFire Department$10,000 The Lynn Fire Department needs more capacity to fight fires in Lynn Woods. Lynn Woods is generally inaccessible to fire trucks. The new equipment will allow LFD to fight fires anywhere they occur in Lynn Woods. 
Pumpers (2)Fire Department$1,260,000 These funds will pay for Pumpers used by the Lynn Fire Department in order to ensure and enhance fundamental capability to fight fires effectively.
Rehab of Eastern Avenue StationFire Department$2,000,000 The Eastern Avenue fire station was closed in 2003. It has basically been abandoned since, but it is a city owned property. A restoration of this station will enhance public safety in the area.
Rehab of Western Avenue Station BathroomsFire Department$30,000 The officers and firefighters bathrooms are in need of remodeling.
Rehabilitation and Restoration of E Dock at Lynn Municipal Marina, Seaport LandingCommunity & Economic Development$756,500 Funding will provide the City of Lynn Department of Community and Economic Development with the resources to guarantee the marina is fully functional after the devastating damage in February of 2013 caused by the Northeast Snowfall Impact Scale (NESIS) category 3 storm.
Rental AssistanceLHAND$1,500,000 The funds will be used primarily for rent arrears and rent stipends, as well as utility assistance, move-in costs such as Security Deposit and First & Last Month’s Rent, and other moving or housing-related expenses. The funds would be paid directly to the landlord or the vendor, as applicable
Revenue ReplacementHabitat Plus$491,182 These funds will be for financial relief re: Covid -19 negative impact costs and helping to prevent the closure of a nonprofit agency that has been providing supported housing for over thirty-three years to fifteen psychiatrically disabled Veterans in the city of Lynn, who would otherwise be homeless.
Revenue ReplacementArts After Hours$10,000 These funds would go toward the Fall 2022 productions, Spring 2023 productions, and the Summer Youth program in 2023.
Senior Center Van BusPublic Health$75,000 These funds will purchase a large capacity transportation vehicle for the benefit of Seniors.
Small Business AssistanceLynn Main Streets$80,800 These funds will be to support small business owners in direct investment in physical assets such as façade and storefront improvements, minor structural rehabilitation, lighting, and signage; and virtual marketing and promotional campaign services.
St. Mary’s – HVAC ImprovementsSt. Mary’s HS$110,000 These funds would be to ensure that there is adequate cold air and air circulation into the two largest rooms on the premises.
St. Mary’s – Roof ImprovementsSt. Mary’s HS$450,000 These funds will go to addressing a hole in the roof of the Gym building which houses the School’s Dining Commons and is creating a hazard.
Streets and SidewalksDPW$1,500,000 These funds will go directly into Street and Sidewalk capital improvements to the City of Lynn.
Supplier DiverCity ProgramLynn Main Streets$127,400 These funds will be to support the development of a “Supplier DiverCity” program that models city-wide standards for equitable procurements.
Talent and Purpose Recovery and ExpansionRaw Art Works$600,000 These funds will be to support the hiring of Lynn youth, restore employment positions, launch new groups, hire two apprentices, support staff positions, and double youth participation in programs.
Teen Program ExpansionGirls Inc.$1,102,037 These funds will be to support the experience for teen girls, including a new program director, and program specialist, recruiting 50 more girls, curricula changes, and support for families and girls.
The REAL Mobile ProjectThe REAL Program$80,000 These funds will be for The REAL Program Logo, which will be a vehicle in which staff and volunteers will deliver quality children’s books (especially diverse), maintain, and update REAL Little Free Libraries® throughout the City of Lynn.
Union Trade Apprenticeship Aptitude PrepAlysha Hill Bingham Foundation$22,500 These funds will provide individuals with all of the information to apply, aptitude preparation test, hand eye-coordination, and interview preparation for several unions (Local IBEW103/Electrical/Telecommunications, Local 12 Plumbers, Local 4 Operating Engineers, Local 537 Sprinkler Fitters)
Vaccination Temperature ProtectionPublic Health$3,048 These funds will pay for a Vaccination Temperature Protected case that allows greater flexibility for the Public Health Department to deliever vaccinations.
Ventilated Turnout Gear Lockers in the Fire StationsFire Department$159,048 The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated how essential it is for firefighters to respond to the needs of the community. At the same time they need to keep themselves safe from being infected. Having well ventilated gear lockers is a critical step in keeping the firefighters healthy from contaminants in their personal protective equipment. (PPE)
VirTra Training SystemPublic Safety$77,000 These funds will be used to bring Virtual scenario training to LPD, targeted towards public police response tactics, de-escalation, and situational awareness.
Wall Plaza ImprovementsLHAND$400,000 These funds will be to renovate kitchen and baths at the Wall Plaza Development; as well as asbestos remediation in the residential units and the more funding the more units can be reached.
Wastewater Treatment Facility Capital Improvement ProjectsLynn Water and Sewer Commission$13,000,000 Capital Improvement Plan at Wastewater Treatment Plant to assure compliance with Clean Water Act for 100,000 residents of Lynn for the next 20 years
Waterfront Public Safety Facility with Fire Alarm Dispatch CenterFire Department$5,000,000 The city is in need of a new Public Safety Facility near the Waterfront. The Fire Department feels it would make sense to include a new dispatch center for Fire Alarm as well.
Water System Improvements: Broadway-Lynnfield St.Lynn Water and Sewer Commission$2,600,000 These funds will improve the water flows through Broadway and parts of Lynnfield Street, allowing for improved water service to the area and increased safety in the event of fire.
Water System Improvements: Various LocationsLynn Water and Sewer Commission$3,900,000 Upgrade and installation of water mains that are undersized or new mains to supplement water supply in various area of the city
Water System Improvements: Phase 4&5Lynn Water and Sewer Commission$3,500,000 Continuation of water main replacement in conjunction with ongoing sewer and drain improvement projects which have been deemed ineligible for a loan through the State Revolving Fund.
Website RedesignOffice of the Mayor$200,000 These funds will be allocated for the overhall and reconstruction of the City of Lynn’s website in order to achieve a more modern and service-oriented site.
“Welcome to Lynn” Planting InitiativeLynn Main Streets$16,100 These funds will build upon its ongoing “Spring Has Sprung” initiative to grow and sustain a program of planting, landscaping, beautification, and revitalization of iconic natural sites, parks, and public gateways to downtown Lynn. 
West Lynn Sewer Separation Project: Phase 4 & 5Lynn Water and Sewer Commission$25,000,000 Separation of the combined, single pipe system into separate sewers for sanitary and storm water flows tributary to the West Lynn area.
Wheelchair Accessible VehicleSt. Mary’s Plaza & St. Theresa HouseTBDThese funds would go toward the purchase of a wheelchair-accessible vehicle to assist in the transportation needs of elderly/disabled adults to keep them active and to transport them to their medical appointments.
Workforce Development Strategic PlanOffice of the Mayor$20,000 These funds will go towards the creation of an overall Workforce Development Plan for the city of Lynn, targeted towards getting residents to fulfill the job needs of our region.
YMCA Access for AllYMCA$200,000 These funds will be to reduce the costs of membership, people who want to join the YMCA to support their health, recovery, or personal development can receive between 60% or more off of the cost of membership for themselves and their entire family.
YMCA Youth Development CenterYMCA$200,000 These funds will be to seek internal upgrades to the facility at 20 Neptune Boulevard and curriculum upgrades to all youth center programs.

ARPA Project Selection Community Meeting

Our survey deadline has been extended to Thursday, June 30th to allow as much community participation as possible.
Join us for a community meeting on Tuesday, June 28th at City Hall to discuss the project selection process and the individual projects that will move forward under this first phase of funding at 6:00PM in the Lynn Auditorium located at 3 City Hall Square Lynn, MA 01901.

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